Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Calendar is Wrong....

I'm not sure who I'm supposed to contact about things like this, because really, who is in charge of the 'official' calendar? But, clearly, someone has got it wrong because it can not possibly be December 3rd already...around our house, we're just now throwing away the Halloween candy (ha!) and basking in the wonderfulness (is that a word?) of a Thanksgiving spent with family.

Anyhow, I spent a couple of minutes this morning digi-scrapping the kid's Halloween pictures so I thought I would share!

The kids completely enjoyed Halloween this year and loved every second of the day. Mimi did a great job, as always, on sewing the costumes. Her sewing skills seem to get better every year! I sometimes wish we lived in a bigger town, or at least somewhere that holds a Halloween Costume Contest, because I know for sure my kids would have won quite a few contests over the years!

Next up, Thanksgiving pics...the turkey deserves a little more respect before we shift our focus to Christmas!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

K-Girl lost a tooth!

Finally, K-Girl lost her first tooth! Journaling from the page: K-Girl's first lost tooth! She worried and fretted about her tooth being loose and one day as she was sitting on the couch doing homework, it finally just fell out in her hand! She was so surprised and didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Chooch and Momma were right there, though, so we had lots of cheers and smiles! Way to go K-Girl...your first lost tooth!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Pitching Experience

Chooch had his first 9U live arm baseball tournament this past weekend and pitched one inning in the first game. He did a great job and enjoyed it very much. He can't wait to get back on the mound to pitch again! Here's a layout I made for his scrapbook:

And to top it all off, his team won first place in the tournament! It was a long, hot weekend, but lots of fun for the boys! Way to go, Chooch!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kay-Girl turns six!

Believe it or not, Kay-Girl is now six years old! We had a great time at her Fancy Nancy birthday party and the birthday girl loved being the center of attention!

Happy Birthday, Kay-Girl!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Photo Editing...

I just updated my Memory Manager photo editing and organizing software to the new 3.0 version and started playing around with it. Take a look at this pic I edited of Chooch:
Pretty cool, huh? I'm not a computer or photo genius but I had fun editing this pic...I'll use it later for his bday invitation. Fun!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rest of the Randomness...

So, my last post promised more updates about the rest of April and here it is June already! What is the deal with the calendar? I just don't see how time can possibly fly by any faster!!! Sheesh! So, in order to wrap up the randomness, here's the rundown on what happened for the rest of April and a bit of May...

Our church has a semi-annual tradition of heading out to a local camp on Good Friday and hanging out, spending the night and coming back home the next day. We didn't get to go last year because of my run-in with food poisoning (I am still not able to eat at S*bw*y yet!!), so we were all very disappointed and looking forward to this year. We packed up after I got through with my online job and headed out. The kids had a blast fishing, playing Wiffle Ball, and playing with their friends. DH and I had fun relaxing, hanging out with fun friends and not worrying about anything! K-Girl was proud of her big catch:

And Chooch totally enjoyed the Wiffle Ball game:

On Saturday, we had an Easter Egg Hunt...DH tried to pilfer some of K-Girl's goodies:

I learned a new version of the Uno game (German Uno) on Friday evening and stayed up way too late playing it. Man, was it fun! I love to play card games, but unfortunately, it's not DH's favorite thing to do, so it's something I rarely do...note to self: play card games with other adults more was FUN!!
After more relaxing and hanging out on Saturday, we packed up and headed home. It was the perfect get-away for our little family and we loved the fellowship with the other families. Love our church!!
And, of course, I can't do a random post about the month of April without including the Easter morning picture...aren't they cute?

My birthday celebration wrapped up the month of April. I already told y'all about my new camera from DH (which is FABULOUS, by the way!! a whole 'nother post is coming about my new camera, along with some of the SUPER AWESOME pics I have taken with it!!) and at the end of the month, after one of Chooch's tournament games, we headed over to one of our favorite local restaurants for a yummy birthday dinner. My parents treated us and we had so much fun together. The kids love watching the chef prepare the food right in front of us and they totally scarf down the food. It's amazing how much they can put away when we eat there. I don't blame them one bit, though, the food is awesome and DH and I always stuff ourselves, too!

So, that wraps up post #2 about a whole bunch of randomness...hopefully I'm back in the groove now and can start posting on a semi-regular basis.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Randomness...

I can NOT believe it's already May! Spring always catches me this way...unprepared for the onslaught of busy-ness. We roll out of winter, still halfway in hibernation, and just as we're beginning to wake up and enjoy the nice weather, BAM...the activity fairy sneaks into our family calendar and fills it to the brim! The month of April was a complete blur for fact, as I look back over my calendar, I can't even believe that we made it out of that month alive and breathing. But, we're here in May and after my big crop this weekend, things seem to be slowing down just a fraction of a hair. So, onto some of the randomness that made up the month of April:

K-Girl is playing softball (t-ball) again this year and has throughly enjoyed her Knockouts team. they have the cutest uniforms in the league, and look smashing out on the field all together! DH was a bit worried when he heard the words, "pink and black" and hoped that the team shirt was going to be black with pink lettering. Some crazy thing with guys and pink...I don't get it! Anyhow, even with all of the shenanigans of the girl's softball board and association here in our town, K-Girl is enjoying the game and being part of her team. She really hits the ball hard off that tee!

Chooch is playing baseball on two teams this Spring (don't even ask...we don't know the answer ourselves) and has enjoyed every second of the action. We have participated in 2 tournaments lately and his team earned 1st place in both. The team is playing so well together and we are all so proud of their success. This past weekend was especially fun because they played in a 16 team tournament in the big city and we made it to the finals and ended up beating a really good team to win. The big city trip was fun for our whole family, too, because we stayed with DH's aunt and uncle that we hadn't seen for a while, and it was so fun catching up with them. Isn't it funny how you can go forever without seeing family, but as soon as you meet up, it's like you just saw each other yesterday? I love how that works!! Here's a pic of Chooch and K-Girl with the FIRST place trophy...

April was also my birthday month! After a rough start involving my cell phone and a tub of water, it turned out to be a GREAT day. DH surprised me with an awesome birthday gift...I really thought he was going to get me perfume because a couple of weeks ago, I dropped my perfume on the bathroom floor and after cleaning up the shattered glass, I managed to save a few drops of it and keep it in a tupperware for later. DH thought that was taking frugal to whole new level, so I just assumed he would get me perfume. But, NO WAY, he went out of his way this year and got me the fancy camera that I have been drooling over for forever! It is SO nice and I have had TONS of fun taking pics of the kids playing their sports. In just the past couple of weekends alone, I've taken over 1000 pictures. Ugh, and now I have to download and go through them all! But, it's a fun process for me and the pictures are SO, SO good!
This post is long enough as it is now, so I'll finish the randomness of April later this week...still to come, Easter, Family Camp, and who knows what else!