Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rest of the Randomness...

So, my last post promised more updates about the rest of April and here it is June already! What is the deal with the calendar? I just don't see how time can possibly fly by any faster!!! Sheesh! So, in order to wrap up the randomness, here's the rundown on what happened for the rest of April and a bit of May...

Our church has a semi-annual tradition of heading out to a local camp on Good Friday and hanging out, spending the night and coming back home the next day. We didn't get to go last year because of my run-in with food poisoning (I am still not able to eat at S*bw*y yet!!), so we were all very disappointed and looking forward to this year. We packed up after I got through with my online job and headed out. The kids had a blast fishing, playing Wiffle Ball, and playing with their friends. DH and I had fun relaxing, hanging out with fun friends and not worrying about anything! K-Girl was proud of her big catch:

And Chooch totally enjoyed the Wiffle Ball game:

On Saturday, we had an Easter Egg Hunt...DH tried to pilfer some of K-Girl's goodies:

I learned a new version of the Uno game (German Uno) on Friday evening and stayed up way too late playing it. Man, was it fun! I love to play card games, but unfortunately, it's not DH's favorite thing to do, so it's something I rarely do...note to self: play card games with other adults more was FUN!!
After more relaxing and hanging out on Saturday, we packed up and headed home. It was the perfect get-away for our little family and we loved the fellowship with the other families. Love our church!!
And, of course, I can't do a random post about the month of April without including the Easter morning picture...aren't they cute?

My birthday celebration wrapped up the month of April. I already told y'all about my new camera from DH (which is FABULOUS, by the way!! a whole 'nother post is coming about my new camera, along with some of the SUPER AWESOME pics I have taken with it!!) and at the end of the month, after one of Chooch's tournament games, we headed over to one of our favorite local restaurants for a yummy birthday dinner. My parents treated us and we had so much fun together. The kids love watching the chef prepare the food right in front of us and they totally scarf down the food. It's amazing how much they can put away when we eat there. I don't blame them one bit, though, the food is awesome and DH and I always stuff ourselves, too!

So, that wraps up post #2 about a whole bunch of randomness...hopefully I'm back in the groove now and can start posting on a semi-regular basis.