Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween with the Pirate and Minnie!

Another Halloween is done and gone! Mimi started making the kid's costumes back in August, so they had to decide pretty early what they wanted to be. Since Chooch had a Pirate birthday party in July and K-girl had a Minnie Mouse party in May, I convinced them to go with those themes for Halloween. K-girl was tempted to be a girl pirate, but I'm pretty sure that's just because she wants to do everything that Kellen does...and not because she has any love of pirates!!

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, so the kids were wired up from the moment they woke up...not a great day for teachers, I'm sure!! As soon as they got home from school, they were raring to go trick-or-treating, but Mimi and I managed to hold them off until dusk. Paw-Paw joined us for the fun, too, and we set off to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. They were most excited to hit the "Werewolf" house this year. It's a house about 4 houses down that has an overexcited dad living there that likes to dress up like a werewolf, hide in his bushes, and jump out to scare the trick-or-treaters. He pulled a doozy on my kids three years ago, and it was hard getting them to go back there the next year. But they did, and he had toned it down a little and hid inside the house that time, so they weren't nearly as scared. This year, though, we were all disappointed because no one was home at the Werewolf house!! We moved on, though, and managed to collect enough candy from a few houses that the kids were satisfied. Next, we all piled in and headed to the football game. The kids were so excited to go and see Daddy's team play in their costumes!! The game was a bit of a blowout, though, so we only stayed through halftime, and just long enough for Daddy to sneak out of the locker room to see his cute costumed kids!

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