Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow (Ice, really) in East Texas!

My kids were so excited this morning! They woke up to a backyard fleeced with snow (ice) and just couldn't wait to outside and play in it. Actually, K-girl couldn't wait to go outside and eat it! She told Daddy last night, after Chooch spotted a few flakes falling from the sky, that it was really good to have snow because, "You can just eat the snow when you are thirsty. You don't even have to come inside and get just eat the snow!"

You know she's right, because it is such a LONG walk to come inside and get a drink of water when you're busy playing!! Anyhow, as soon as they got dressed, they rushed outside so they could play in the snow (ice) and before I could get my camera, K-girl scooped up some snow (ice) from some plant leaves (at least she didn't get it from the ground...yuk!) and proceded to eat it. I don't think it was very appetizing because she didn't try to eat anymore after that!

They were both most impressed with the trampoline and Chooch couldn't wait to get home and jump on it with all the snow. He didn't quite believe me when I told him that it probably all be melted by the time he got home. While the kids were busy tromping around the backyard, DH was busy trying to pry open the doors to the cars. They were frozen shut!!

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