Sunday, December 14, 2008

The History Behind the Stink-Bug Park!

So, how did the Stink-Bug Park earn its name? It's not an overly hilarious story, but it's a bit of family history, so I might as well add it to the Blog! One afternoon when we had first moved to East Texas, DH decided to take the kids (then ages 5 and 2) out for an adventure. The first place he came upon was a city park just 3 minutes away from our rent house, so they stopped and enjoyed the play equipment for a short while. Everyone was having a great time until Chooch spotted a stink-bug on his swing chain, dangerously close to touching him. He let out a great yell, jumped at least 10 feet in the air, and hightailed it away from the swings. All of the hollering scared off K-girl, too, and neither of them would return to the swings, no matter how much DH tried to convince them that stink-bugs were harmless! Because of the stress, the park trip ended soon after, but the nickname, "The Stink-Bug Park" stuck with us and the park hasn't been called anything else since then!

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