Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pajama Day and Big Decisions!

Today was Pajama Day at K-girl's school and Chooch has his Pajama Day on Friday at his school (in 3rd grade, really?) so all the talk yesterday afternoon was about what jammies they wanted to wear to school. K-girl settled on her green flannels with the fairies on them and Chooch is thinking about wearing his Super Mario jammies. Morning arrived and K-girl enjoyed lording her morning of leisure over Chooch by constantly reminding us all, "I can go back to bed because I don't have to get dressed!" At the last minute, right before we were getting ready to walk out the door, K-girl realized that she was supposed to take a pillow today, too. So we walked (ran 'cause we were running late!) back to her room.

Well, the girl has way too many pillow choices, if you ask me, but I picked up the 2 that I thought she would want to go with her to school and said, "Which one, the Disney Princess pillow or the High School Musical pillow?" K-girl, without hesitating, said, "I want my Name Pillow."

Her Name Pillow is pretty self-explanatory (a pillow with her name on it!) but it's pretty special to us because it was made by Mimi using the hospital receiving blanket that baby K-girl came home from the hospital in. Chooch has one just like it and they have both had those pillows on their bed since the day they joined our family. So, although the Name Pillow is very sentimental, I thought for sure the Princesses or HSM would win out in the battle for Pajama Day. Mommy was wrong, though, so off we headed to the car.

We met Chooch in the kitchen and he immediately took offense to the pillow choice (A bit of history here...Chooch (with Mimi's help) made the HSM pillow for K-girl one rainy day that he spent with Mimi and Paw-Paw...and he was super proud of his efforts!) and this conversation followed:

Chooch, highly offended, "Why didn't you pick the High School Musical pillow, that I made you?"

K-girl said, "I don't want the other girls at school all over my pillow." (Huh?)

Chooch, in a slightly louder, more insistent voice, "But I made you that pillow and you love it!"

Mommy, interested in the pillow choice as well, asked "What do you mean you don't want the other girls all over your pillow?"

K-girl, very matter of factly, "Well, the last time I brought something High School Musical to school, all the other girls wanted to touch it and hold it, and I don't want that this time."

Ah, the truth comes out...the Name pillow isn't the sentimental choice, it's the practical choice...to keep all the other girls away!! That's my K-girl, practical with a touch of self-interest!! That apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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