Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DH Turns 40!

After much anticipation on my part (since I'm not turning 40 for FIVE more years!), DH had his birthday and finally made it over the hill to age 40! I really wanted to do something special for him, but he specifically told me NOT to plan a party and he threatened me within an inch of my life if I tried to do anything that combined the word "party" with the word "suprise." So, I put my thinking cap on and after some brainstorming with friends, I came up with the idea of "Brian's Top 40" throughout the day.

The basic premise was to have 40 different gifts throughout the day, each being the same amount as the number it was on the countdown. Hmmm, that was as clear as mud, right? Well, maybe it would be easier to understand if you see the list:

40- wakeup at 4:40am (not really a gift, I decided as we were going to bed at 12:30pm, so he just got a card that explained the Top 40 plan for the next day...and I told him to turn off his alarm clock that was set at 4:40am 'cause I didn't want to wake up that early!)

39 orange M&Ms (in honor of his OSU Cowboys...go pokes!)
38 golf tees
37 dollar Starbuck's card
36 pieces of his favorite gum

And right after we gave him the #36 gift, I also texted everyone in his cell phone address book and mine and told them that it was his 40th bday...he just couldn't figure out how so many people knew that it was his bday!!! It finally dawned on him after about the 15th text or so!

35 donuts from Round Rock Donuts (we heard about these donuts on the Food Network and Auntie M, DH's sister, offered to pick up 3 dozen and eat one on her way from San Antonio)

34 Dove Dark chocolates
33 ounces of his favorite club soda
32 mini marshmallows for our Marshmallow Guns
31 minutes of fun with a brainteaser puzzle
30 magnets for school
29 punch out hearts on cards from K-girl and Chooch
28 issues of T*me magazine (1/2 a year)
27 Christmas P*eps
26 rum balls (made by his mom)
25 new golf balls
24 Season 1 of the TV show
23- a cookie cake with 23 on it
22 new pens
21- a letter from his dad
20 new mints to try
19 chocolate covered potato chips
18- another letter from his dad about an incident when he was 18 years old! funny stuff!
17 gatorades
16 new pencils
15 dollars in iTunes
14 new pairs of underwear (not very glamorous!)
13 minutes of fun with 3 cans of s*lly S*ring
12 dry erase markers
11 years of marriage, a card from me
10- a present from his mom, he was born at 10:31am
9 pairs of N*ke socks
8 boys that he is molding into young men on his team (I had all of his players sign a bday card)
7th season of Se*nf*ld (we've almost got the complete set!)
6 tickets to a Houston Rockets game
5 brothers and sisters (cards)
4 parents (cards and gifts from my parents and his parents)
3 n*ke undershirts
2 beautiful children (a card) and
1 birthday cake (decorated with Kiss (the band) magnets...thanks to his mom!)

Here's a pic of DH opening one of his many gifts:

I think he enjoyed the day, and the kids and I certainly enjoyed gifting 40 different gifts throughout the day...I just love giving gifts!!! It was a little overwhelming, though, and by the end we were giving 4 gifts at once, just so we could get through the list!

Many thanks to my mom, DH's parents, and his brothers and sisters for helping me complete the Top 40 list and fill in some of the missing numbers. And, a big Happy Birthday to my loving, sweet, amazing, dedicated, and hardworking hubby. I LOVE YOU!!

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