Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kay-Girl Rides a Horse!

We gave Kay-Girl a choice of basketball, gymnastics/dance, or horseback riding lessons this Winter and she chose horseback riding, hands down. It took me awhile to get around to calling, but I finally did and we went for her first lesson this week. She was SO thrilled and just couldn't wait until Thursday, the day of her lesson. We came home after school and she changed into her jeans and boots and then headed out for the barn. Kay-Girl was chattering the whole way, excited about her first lesson.

When we arrived at the barn, we met the girl who was giving the lesson and she told Kay-Girl it was time to meet Ralph, her lesson horse. We walked into the barn and when the girl opened up the door to the stable, Kay-Girl stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Ralph, the LARGE lesson horse. I don't think Kay-Girl had any idea how big horses are when they are up close and personal. She was very nervous and didn't really want to go into the stable, so I went in with her and we brushed Ralph together until she was less nervous. Eventually she warmed up to Ralph and the girl giving the lesson.

Here are some of the best pics of the big event...first, here's Kay-Girl leading Ralph around the ring...she looks so small, doesn't she???

And here she is getting up on the saddle for the first time (with a little help from the yellow steps!)

Proper riding form and all...

One of the exercises was for Kaylie to try riding with no hands...look at that little grin!

At the end, I caught this picture of Kaylie sneaking a pet on Ralph's nose:

On our way home, I asked if she had a good time and if she wanted to go back next week for another lesson. She said, "Momma, I want to have riding lessons EVERY day of the week. Maybe not on Saturday or Sunday, but definitely on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday." I told her that she needed to get a job!!!

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