Friday, March 27, 2009

First Home Run!

Wowsers, what a weekend! Chooch's team played in a local baseball tournament, so we had 2 games on Saturday and played the seeded games on Sunday. Happily, we kept winning on Sunday, so we ended up playing 3 games, and the last one was for the championship. We went up against the other local team that we have played before and it was a great game. Both teams played VERY well and there were a ton of great plays throughout.

The BIG news for our family, though, was that Chooch hit his first ever, coach-pitch, over the fence, home run!! WOW! Some of the boys on his team had hit homeruns before and a few also hit some in this game, but I didn't seriously think that Chooch was ready to smack the ball that hard. But, he has been working very hard at batting lately, with lots of batting practice in the cages with his team and swinging at the Hit Away in our backyard, so I guess all that hard work paid off!

It was an awesome moment to see the ball go over the fence and to watch Chooch run the bases with a big old grin on his face. I was too busy clapping and cheering to catch any pics of him during his homerun trot, but I did complete this digital layout that will go in Chooch's scrapbook.

Unfortunately, Chooch's team didn't end up winning the championship game, but they certainly kept the game close for most of the innings and all of the boys were excited about the amazing amount of homeruns that were hit. Chooch loves baseball and this game was certainly one that he will remember for years to come!


Kacie said...

Way to go, Chooch! Hopefully it's the first of many homeruns to come. Love the layout, Sharon!

Christi said...

That is wonderful! Congratulations!

It is so hard as a mom to describe the feeling of joy when you get to see your child excel in something.