Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Kay-Girl Moments

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. Mental note to self...must post more often!

So, quite a few funny things have come out of Kay-girl's mouth this past couple of weeks, all of which I feel quite certain must be committed to blog-land memory! Here goes...

Last night at dinner, we had those really small, sweet peas as one of our veggies...the ones that come in the silver can...they're smaller and sweeter than regular peas. I'm always trying to get Chooch and Kay-girl to eat veggies (a near impossibility with Chooch) so as I was serving up the peas, Kay-girl said, "Ew. Peas. I don't want any."

I replied with a quick-on-my-feet fib, "Oh, are you sure? These peas are God's candy cause they're so little and sweet."

Kay-girl said, "God's candy? Well, then we should serve them at His birthday party and not tonight."

After giggling to myself for quite a while, I did manage to get her to try them, and it was a much better reaction than when she tried regular peas.

At breakfast a while back (most of our good conversations apparently happen while we're eating!) Chooch and Kay-girl were talking about boys and girls being friends. Chooch asked me if Daddy and I were friends before we got married and when I told him that yes, lots of mommies and daddies were friends before they got married, he exclaimed, "Oh, I know!! Kay-girl can marry G!"
(A bit of background information...G is Kay-girl's best friend...they are a month apart in age and G's mom and I are very close friends, too. We met each other about a month or so after we moved to East Texas and we have 2 kids the same age. Kay-girl and G were in Mother's Day Out together and now are in the same Kinder class. They really enjoy each other's company!)

So, anyhoo, after Chooch had the brilliant idea that Kay-girl and G should get married because they are friends, Kay-girl surprised me by immediately responding, "NO. I could never marry G."

I asked why not and she said, very matter-of-factly, "G is way to silly to marry."

Smart girl...she's thinking of her future and knows that she needs someone serious to marry!! Maybe G will outgrow his silliness...I think it will be very interesting to watch their friendship develop over the years.


And last one...Kay-girl and I were out in the garage a while back and as I was doing laundry, she was playing with her scooter. The garage door was open, but since it was getting dark and I'm weird about having an open garage door at night, I decided to close it. I walked over and pushed the button and Kay-girl proceeded to burst into tears. I couldn't imagine what in the world had happened because she was playing very happily just seconds before. I asked her what was wrong.

She, very tearfully replied, "Momma, you scared me."

Realizing that the garage door closing had frightened her, I tried to comfort her and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Did it make your heart jump?"

She replied, "Yes, and you made Jesus jump."

"What? How did I make Jesus jump?"

"Because Jesus is living in my heart."

Ah, that's my sweet girl. I sure do love her! Here's a pic of her after completing her Masterpiece Play-Do dinner...that's spaghetti with meatballs and salad with ranch dressing for those of you not up-to-date with Play-Do food!

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